Activity Monitor

SNYPR 6.4 introduces a new monitoring tool, Activity Monitor. It provides a crucial, real-time view of events ingested by SNYPR. Administrators can see ingestion trends by datasources to identify sudden increases in number of events or ingestion delays. You can filter events by tenant, datasource, ingester, time period, and graphical output type.

You can access Activity Monitor from Menu > Operations Center.

Note: Only users with the ROLE_BILLING_ADMIN role can access Activity Monitor.

The Activity Monitor UI has the following sections:

  1. Filters: Allows you to filter events by tenant, datasources, and ingesters. You can only filter events by tenant in the Multi-tenant environment. The Customers filter is only available for the Multi-tenant environment.
  2. Data Visualization Settings: Allows you to view events for a specific time period, sorted by day and events.
  3. Graphical Data Display: Displays a graphical chart with a list of events based on filters and data visualization settings.

The following image shows an example for 30 days time period with Top 5 datasources:

In the above image, events from ten datasources were ingested during the selected time period. The graph displays the first five datasources in different colors and provides the aggregate of the other five datasources in the green color. Additionally, the graph displays events by datasource in a tabular format.

You can refer to Time Since Last Event to see how long ago data was ingested from a datasource. This information is important for administrator to investigate delays.

Note: For more information on Activity Monitor, refer to the Activity Monitor section in the Administrator Guide.